Aren't you online yet? Do you even exist?

This is the motto under which the Agency Alter Ego performs in order to highlight the importance of including the world's technological processes, and presence in the virtual world, to all public factors, services, institutions, legal entities and entrepreneurs, so more and individuals who have an interest therein could participate in any way.

Although the Internet has become an essential life ingredient to the vast majority of people living even in less urban areas, it is useful to recall the importance of knowledge of information technology, the imperative of adequate education and continuing training, as well as the emphasis on the aforementioned segment of science of science and technology in any society, that wants to become a relevant factor on the world map.

In this regard the Agency Alter Ego offers mediation services between the real and virtual world, or the possibility to devise and propose how your company or you, as an individual, want to be represented the World Wide Web, without much investment or effort.

Learn more about classification and selection of domain...     >>>

Selection of domain is of great importance for the positioning and effective finding of your web site using the most popular web browsers. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to these issues and adhere to some basic principles to achieve the desired goal.

The general division of Internet domains can be made into two categories: the generic and the territorial domains. The former includes the general domain, or international characters such as: .com, .info, .org, .net, .biz and their use is not limited to the territorial principle. On the other hand, territorial domains are linked to a country where the domain is registered, For instance, following cancellation of the .yu domain, the current domain of Serbia is .rs.

This classification does not end here as interested consumers can choose from some of the options, in accordance with the activities and needs. All interested parties can select the top .rs domain, while some are specialized, i.e. (for business users) (for non-profit organizations) (for educational institutions) and so on.

Domain selection depends on users themselves and their target group, thus no general rule prevails. In line with their ambitions, and possibly with technical help from someone, select an appropriate domain. However, before making final choice, one should make sure that their Internet domain, or the full name of their future site, is available. If your domain is already taken, you can try using another domain, and so forth until your final, available selection is made.

In our case, the organization that manages the registry of national Internet domains is called the National Register of Internet Domain of Serbia (RNIDS) and at the same site you can find all the information for choosing a domain. You can also find more useful information and check availability of your domain at most esteemed web hosting services in the country.

Why Alter Ego?

Alter Ego Web & Graphic Design

Why We?Because we are able to meet virtually all your requirements and because we are ready, with the continuous cooperation with you, to devise a solution exactly matching what you imagined and wanted.

Why We?Because our trained and creative team knows only the topicality, correctness, fulfilling deadlines and arrangements, and high professionalism at work, thereby meeting your goals to your ultimate satisfaction.

Why We?Because our team is open to continuous improvement, monitoring trends and mastering new knowledge and technologies in Web design, allowing themselves time to grow and offer a broader range of services and introduction of new development solutions to all customers, both new and existing, with whom we have entered into a business relationship.

About the choice between trusted hosting companies...     >>>

The choice of trusted hosting company is the highest priority task for storing your web site, while publishing content online is the next important task which must be attended upon completion of web design. Given the international character of the global network (the Internet), your choice may be both a domestic or a foreign company. Of course, all this provided that you are not sufficiently trained and technically equipped to publish your own (or other) web sites.

The good thing is the existence of competition in this field, with a good number of companies involved in hosting. Basically, these companies also register domais, whereby you can finish all tasks after preparing your web site. The list of most current hosting service providers can be found here.

A factor that is ever so important when choosing a hosting company, as well as in life in general, is the price. But if one takes into account the character of these services and all possible consequences in case of bad choices, then pay attention to the very nature of the services offered, or technical support in case of any problems such as an external intrusion, loss of data, etc.

Other hosting issues may relate to available space on the server, monthly bandwidth, number of bases, and other factors that significantly affect your wants and needs. Direct contact is necessary to find out what each company offers in terms of hosting, to compare the findings with common prices and their competition, and finally make an appropriate selection. Finally, in the era of technology and information, by participating in specialized forums, or in contact with experts, you can expand your knowledge and obtain more information that will help in the selection.

What do we offer?

Although we underline web design as our core business, multi-disciplinary approach is becoming increasingly indispensable in planning and communication of the 21st century. Dealing with information technology and design does not mean merely drawing shapes or use ready-made templates to only achieve an online presence. Nowadays, it is more than ever necessary to consider the client's true needs and apply appropriate solutions actually hitting "the target".

Alter EgoIn this sense, we are ready to provide you with services related to graphic design, consultation and preparation of the widest range of graphic solutions, creating banners, animated ads and tips on marketing, all within a single service, with the active participation and suggestions of the client. We are able to provide you with the basic software solutions for further improving the interactivity of your site, thereby being ready to grow, learn and expand our offer in line with the development of this complex and attractive matter.

But even that's not all because we, unlike many others, simultaneously offer the services of accounting, bookkeeping, and overall care of your company, and representation before government inspection through our agency branch established in 2003, experienced and capable to ensure success and security in business of our clients.

Find out more on the abovementioned and the whole package of our detailed services on the corresponding links and pages of our web site. At your service!